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Week 5: Critical Thinking Paper

•    Type your answers directly into this document, save, and submit via Blackboard.
•    Do not forget to follow the PASS GO standards.  Remember, Ms. Christ will get more stringent as the semester progresses.
•    Each question should take approximately 1 page to thoroughly answer.

PART 1 – From Week 4: Using examples from Race: The Power of an Illusion, choose two of the below options and explain in detail how race was socially constructed in these contexts.  Once you have done that, imagine if something differently had happened and imagine how that would affect what race in the United States looks like today.

1.    Housing and African Americans / Black Americans
2.    The legal system and who can be white
3.    Native Americans and the government

(This question examines Comprehension and Synthesis in Bloom’s Taxonomy.)

PART 2 – Choose one of the following questions from Week 5’s material and type your answer below.

1.    Choose one of your favorite movies and watch it.  Explain in detail the social class of two different characters of different social classes includingthe concepts of income, wealth, leisure time, and status in ways that demonstrate to me your understanding of these concepts and how they relate to social class. (This question assesses Comprehension and Application on Bloom’s Taxonomy.)

2.    Research the economic structure of another country and compare and contrast it with the United States.  Include a discussionof ways that social class is socially constructed, including laws about pay, work hours, social welfare, corporate welfare,and the economic system itself. (This question assesses Comprehension and Analysison Blooms Taxonomy.)

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