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White Collar Crimes Committed in rhe Enron Scandal

n the film, Enron-the Smartest Guys in the Room, the illegal activities of 4 major characters are revealed: Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Lou Pai, and Andrew Fastow. Please provide a causal explanation of their illegal behaviors by drawing from the specific theories ofwhite collar crime motivation to answer the following questions:

Demonstrate the distinction between “white collar crime” and “street crime” and state the the implications of this distinction. Use specific examples from the film to illustrate your points. (worth 25% of your grade).

Explain the causes and motivation for whte collar crime for each of these 4 major characters in the film cited above. Be sure to state the theory, briefly define the theory, a list the specific variables used in each theory (drawing from mico level variables at macro level variables and interaction among both. In other words, which specific theories (and their variables and indicators) best help to explain why the actors listed above fell into white collar crime behaviors. (worth 75% of your grade.)

Please remember that your essay should not be a discussion of the plot or content of the film. We have all seen the film! This is not a a film report or critique! Use the film instead as method of illustrating your understanding of the theories of white collar crime causation which we have been discussing during the first half of the course. Try to use as many of the theories as possible and before to briefly state what the theory involves and which causal variables are use in each theory.

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