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Why Do Firms Comply With Environmental Regulations?

An important aspect of the paper is to utilize diverse perspectives to enrich your analytic thinking. The research should include (at least): 1. Problem statements and objectives. 2. Literature review. 3. Conclusions and Implications. 4. Additions may be authorized to better accommodate the needs of the individual projects. The Executive summary (Abstract) and outline page are required to this paper. In addition, this research paper should have a complete response to information requested. It is logical, clear, substantive, connected to other sections and demonstrates understanding of knowledge management and sustainability concepts and principles. Sources recommended from the professor are: Harvard Business Review; Sloan Management Review; California Management Review; Wall Street Journal. Sources that can be found at the Brown County Library and/or University of Wisconsin System’s library are preferred. This paper must include at least thirty references, but you can have more than thirty references if needed. Furthermore, you can add dates, chart, and/or graphs if you wish to do so.

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