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With reference to at least two of the IR texts covered, discuss what makes a book a ‘classic’ of International Relations
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choose at least two books and to discuss what makes a ‘classic’ of the discipline. For this you should choose books from the lecture schedule. It is important to explain why each is important for the discipline of IR. Namely what are its chief insights, how did it help us to (re)consider key concepts in IR e.g. power, cooperation etc. This will help you to answer the overarching question of what makes a ‘classic’ contribution per se. I would certainly quote at times from the books concerned in order to illustrate your arguments . The Bliddal textbook is also a good starting point and gives useful introduction, and overview, of many books we cover. The electronic reading list can point you to further material.Accordingly, if you wish, you could possibly choose to look at 3 books (since the question states that you must choose at least 2 books). My advice here would be, however, to make sure that you are not spreading yourselves too thinly in your essay. The word count may seem generous but you should use this wisely to explore your chosen books and their contribution in some considerable depth. This will help you to answer the overarching question of what makes a ‘classic’. So.. you can choose 3 books but be careful to justify this in your introduction and to examine them in sufficient depth to answer the overall question.

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