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Women Legal Studies

A précis should be short (1–2 pages), but contain the essential points that your paper will cover. Your essay should be 17-18 pages long and should incorporate proper citation references when you quote or borrow material from case law or other sources. AU students are expected to adhere rigourously to principles of intellectual integrity. Refer to the Academic Misconduct Policy for more details.

The essay is worth 70% of your final grade; the précis is worth 5% of your final grade. The précis should be submitted after Unit 7; the essay should be submitted after Unit 11.

Submit the précis via this assignment drop box.

Essay Questions

1. During this course, we have examined feminist legal strategies to affect social change. Write an essay detailing, in your opinion, the most successful example of this activity. Your example need not be restricted to cases studied in the course, but it must relate to an issue of women’s rights arising under the Charter, and it must demonstrate an adequate understanding of the principles and issues covered here. Explain the issue, the position adopted by Canadian feminist groups and/or individuals and why you think the strategy was a success.

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