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ENGL 203: World Literary Types

Response Paper #1

Answer the following prompt in an essay of 3-4 typed pages.
Cite all quotes from the texts you use in-text and in a Works Cited page using MLA format.


What gives meaning to our lives? What should we dedicate our lives to?

Many of our early readings answer one of both of these questions. How do you answer it?

Choose two of our readings from the first seven weeks of class, and write an essay in which you do four things: Confucius and Taoism

Analyze and state how each of the works you chose answers one or both of these questions.
In order to do this well, you will have to use examples and quotes from both works that support your analysis.

Provide your own answer to the question(s).
Support your answer with some kind of evidence for why you answered the question that way. This evidence could be from your own experiences, from the Bible or another religious text, from other reading you have done, etc.

Compare?and find something in common.
As you conclude your paper, think hard about ways in which you and the authors you chose might agree and disagree on aspects of your answers. Articulate what those aspects are.

Finally?SO WHAT? Once you?ve figured out what you all have in common, answer the ?so what?? question. Why does it matter that you have some areas of agreement with these authors? Will it change anything about how you live or think? If so, what?

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