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Would You Advise a Friend to Invest in this Company?

ctivity 108 from Interpreting and Analyzing Financial Statements: A Project-Based Approach; Schoenebeck and Holtzman, 6th Edition

hope you have the book, I have the hard copy only!

Company Analysis/Capstone Project (3M)
In this project, you will use your understanding of financial accounting to analyze a company’s financial statements. The project requires you to research and analyze 3M company.

To prepare this analysis, you will use data from the internet and organize it using 5 worksheets. Then you will communicate the results of your analysis in a detailed written report, and highlight the results in an “in class” oral presentation. Accordingly, this project will help you to build your critical thinking, technology, and communication skills.

You will be responsible for the following parts of this project:

Written Report and Company Research (Activity 108 from Textbook)
A. Tell Me About Your Company
B. Company News
C. Stock Market Activity
D. Financial Statement Analysis
E. Ratio Analysis
F. Research Summary

Capstone Project
ACC 308
Fall 2015

Requirement Overview

1. Written Report Due Date-November 23, 2015
a. To Be Submitted in Class
b. Electronic Submissions cannot be accepted
2. In Class Presentation Due Dates-November 30 and December 2, 2015
3. Written Report Content/Sections:
a. Tell Me About Your Company (1-3 Pages)
b. Company News (1-2 Page)
c. Stock Market Activity (1-2 Pages)
d. Financial Statement Analysis (4 Pages)
e. Ratio Analysis (2-4 Pages)
f. Research Summary (2 Pages)
4. Refer to Chapter 9, Textbook Pages 300 through 314, for Specific Details

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