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“Discuss a leadership experience you have had in your life with family. How and why did you become a leader in this area? How did this experience influence your

Talk about how I became a leader in a famlily situation.
The situation you need to use is ” my mother was diagnosed with bipolar depression and at a young age I was taking care of my brother and family. I was a leader here
because I had to take care of her by taking er to her appointments, helping aorund the house, taking care of brother, giving mom medical drugs, etc. Father walked out
on family couldnt handle mothers moodswings. . she was a becoming a liability issue so I was sent with my brother to live with my grandma house who was herself in need
of care due to her old age. She has limited mobility, partially blind, partially cant hear. Here I played another role of leadership by cooking, cleaning, taking care
of grandma, etc…

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