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Assessment 1
Instead of attending tutorial in Week 7 each student will, in their own time, visit and attend a setting at a Magistrate Court either in the City of Adelaide or in a suburban or regional setting. (See SA Courts
Administration Authority for locations). You will not be allowed to take notes during the session but you are advised to note take immediately after you leave as this assessment will be based on a case that you observe in the court.

The assessment will comprise an essay with introduction and conclusions and sections under the
headings of:

Brief description of the court setting: who is participating, where the participants are placed, whether the defendant is represented by a solicitor, how the formality of the court is conveyed.
Case synopsis; a report of a case proceeding that you observed in one of the above Courts (confidentiality must be observed).
Identification; identification and description of the legislation that was applied
Intervention; A description of the court ruling and it’s purpose
Social work role; The potential social work role, knowledge and skills required to work in this case
Social justice and ethical issues; Discussion addressing issues of social justice and ethical issues

If when you attend court there is no suitable case that you can use for this assessment there is a DVD posted on the JUST 2005 learn on line site which depict cases which are before a Family Violence diversion court. In the event that there are no suitable cases in the Magistrates Court please familiarise yourself with a case that is shown the DVD und use this to answer the above questions.

A minimum of 8 references to JUST 2005 course materials including textbook, e-readings and legislation will be expected.

This assessment task is among other things a test of individual knowledge and the ability to apply it. While there may be some collaborative work in discussing the case, there is to be no sharing of notes, joint written preparation and or joint writing. If it is appears that there has been collaborative or copied work on the case study the University integrity policy will be activated.

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