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Written Exercise Module 6

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Written Exercise Discussion

Give constructive feedback on submissions that have been posted by your classmates, including factual information and/or subjective interpretations. Remarks can include your opinion(s), but must be based on experience, research, and/or prior learning. Use insight gained from this exercise to enhance your ability to analyze other situations you may encounter.
In Chapter 11, the author talks about “Considering the Consequences” and in Chapter 12 talks about “The Importance of Character”. Book: Banks, C. (2012). Criminal justice ethics: Theory and practice. (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage
Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781412995450

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In Chapter 11, the author talks about “Considering the Consequences” and in Chapter 12 talks about “The Importance of Character.” Your assignment is to read Chapters 11 and 12 and write a critical response on the relationship of civilian review boards to ethical oversight in the criminal justice profession. In addition to providing research on this topic, you are to integrate the Saint Leo University core value of responsible stewardship into your response. We know that the criminal justice practitioner must be a responsible steward over the citizens that they protect, in whatever discipline or position they work. Therefore, integrating this core value will be significant to the protection of society. Your response must be supported by additional research and written at a graduate level.
Your paper should go beyond the obvious and must be no less than 1200 words. You must use no less than three additional resources (other than your required text) that support your position. All resources used must be properly cited using the APA style.
For credit, in your response, you must include at least three journal articles that support your information. The journal articles to be used must come from the Saint Leo University Online Library. Instructions for locating journal articles are found in the Resources
section. Remember, all resources including, but not limited to, journals, magazines, and/or books must be properly cited using the APA style. Make sure that you follow the exact way to cite your references.

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