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XYZ Computer Company
Spreadsheets (MS EXCEL )

Using Microsoft Excel , create a spreadsheet for the following:

You are the Director ofFINANCE of the XYZ Computer Company. You are trying to prepare the budget for Year Four using the actual data for Year One and Year Two, and the estimated amount for Year Three. You have decided to use the average of the 3 yearly values, and then add 2.7% to get the Year Four values.

The general layout of the spreadsheet and the different labels to be included are given below. Boldface all the column titles and underline the years used in the title. Merge and Center the appropriate titles. Use borders, shading and line drawing features to separate the sections.

— Start of Spreadsheet Layout Here —

Company Name
Your Name & ID
INCOME FROM SALES: Actual Year One Actual Year Two Estimate Year Three Budget Year Four
PC Hardware
Network Hardware


Network Purchase
Staff Salary


Minimum Net Income of 4 years:
Maximum Net Income of 4 years:
Average Net Income of 4 years:

— End of Spreadsheet Layout Here —

Make up the data using values greater than 4 digits and two decimal places, with a dollar sign ($) and a comma (,) every 3 digits. Use proper formatting features to dress up your spreadsheet.

Adjust the sizes of the different columns to be larger or smaller. Copy the cell content for totals from one cell to the others, as appropriate. Use built-in functions for totals and wherever else possible.

Produce a bar chart of the Net Income for Year One to Year Four. Also, produce a pie-chart of the Year Two values of individual expenses. Put proper titles for the whole graph and individual pieces of the pie. Explode one piece of the pie.

Project #2 Marking Scheme (10%, 20 marks)
• Spreadsheet layout, titles, etc. (4 marks)
• Calculating Budget Year Four (2 marks)
• Calculating Totals (2 marks)
• Calculating Net Income (1 mark)
• Calculating Maximum Net Income (1 mark)
• Calculating Minimum Net Income (1 mark)
• Calculating Average of Net Income (1 mark)
• Bar Chart (4 marks)
• Pie Chart (4 marks)

TOTAL: /20

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