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Anthropology on religion

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Choose an issue/theme/topic that deals with the anthropology of religion. Write a 15-page long research paper about it (cited page does not include in this 15 page). I would like you to choose a topic about rituals and or something about a religion and its state relationship. Remember, choose a theme that is specific enough, DO NOT just pick one religion to talk about it.(E.g. a specific ritual of Buddhism and its relationship with the State). I will upload some articles that you have to incorporate into the paper. You have to also use outside sources (MUST BE ACADEMIC SOURCES i.e scholarly articles/academic books). You have to incorporate at least 10 sources (including my provided readings and outside sources) into the paper. Please tell me your specific choice of topic for the paper as soon as possible and I will give you feedback of whether it works. Message whenever you have problems. Please cite the sources properly (I have had issues with previous write who always plagiarize and cite wrongly)! Thanks.

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