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This power point will go off a research paper already written, you will use this research paper as a guide to build the power point around. It will be uploaded in this order along with other instructions.

Use principles of presentation, plus at least two visuals, to explain the material. To meet the time limit, you most likely will not be able to include all the information presented in your research paper. Choose information based on what you can present most engagingly via an oral presentation and with visual aids. Additionally, you may choose to tell about your research process: what problems you had finding sources; how the topic evolved over time; what you learned, overall, about how to do a research paper.

Visual aids are required and can take the following forms: tables, charts, graphs or diagrams used in your paper; PowerPoint slides; relevant photos or drawings, realia. You also may use the white board, if needed. Keep in mind that visuals are attention-getting, powerful tools; use them to provide important, meaningful information and explain them thoroughly.

Topic is thoroughly and engagingly explained, using concrete and varied information, such as
examples, statistics and facts.
Points covered match what was outlined in the introduction.
Important main points or ideas are emphasized via repetition.
At least two visual aids used (but not too many); all are clearly visible and understandable.
Visual aids are used to present important information, and they relate clearly and
meaningfully to that information.
Visuals are incorporated and controlled effectively.
Any questions or comments posed by the audience are appropriately addressed

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