Consume of portait.

Consume of portait.

Research Paper-Portrait Assignment

My assigned image: Northern Renaissance
Crestor : School of Hans Holbein, European; Birtish; English (painter)
Title: Portrait of a Young Woman
Work Type: Paintings
Date: about 1540 – 1545
RepositoryL The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

some bibliography you can use:

The purpose of this assignment is to produce a paper in the style of a scholarly journal of costume history such as Fashion Theory or Costume.

You will be assigned a portrait dating from 1450-1795.
–    Using the OREO Method, make an assessment of the garments worn in your portrait. If you have a group portrait, you may choose to focus on a single figure.
–    Be sure to include descriptions for the main garments, relevant background information (social setting and historical context) and aesthetic significance.

Paper must be six to eight double-spaced typed pages in length and include images, footnotes, and bibliography.

–    All citations must be made using the Chicago Manual of Style for the Humanities (documentary note style.)

•    Practice Research Paper: OREO Outline

Opinion- Althoughthey were not Aristocrats, the Arnolfinis were extremely wealthy and fashionable people of the late Middle Ages.
•    Reasons (Social setting and Context)- The garments worn in the Arnolfini Portrait are exceptional examples Burgundian Court style. The garments are highly stylized and not functional for labor. The textiles on display would have been very expensive. The Burgundian Court set the fashions for the rest of Europe.
•    Examples (Comparison)- His appearance is very similar to the contemporary portrait of Charles VII, King of France; her expensive linen headress and fur lined gown are similar to those worn by Margaretha Van Eyck, wife of the “exceptionally well-paid” court painter (Burgundian court)
•    Opinion- Although they were not Aristocrats, the Arnolfinis were extremely wealthy and fashionable people of the late Middle Ages.

EXAMPLE outline

Practice Research Paper: Identification

•    Artist: Jan van Eyck
•    Work: Arnolfini Portrait
•    Date: 1434
•    Medium: oil paint, oak
•    Dimensions: 32.4” x 23.6”
•    Housing Institution or source: National Gallery, London

Practice Research Paper: Description

•    They wear:
Crimped linen veil
Black velvet doublet
Fur-lined “huke”
“Bowl crop” hair
Horned headdress
Oversized hat
Plucked eyebrows and shaved hairline

Practice Research Paper: Analysis

Who are they?
He is an Italian merchant  living in Bruges.
•    Are they wearing anything distinctive?
They are dressed in the Burgundian style.
•    What are they dressed for?
Display of wealth. His fortune comes from textiles.

Practice Research Paper: Evaluation

Although they are not aristocrats, they are wealthy and extremely fashion-conscious.
•    The portrait is designed to show off this status- their garments, Turkish carpet and other furnishings are expensive and not easily obtained.


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