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Learning Objectives:
1. Discuss how climate change affects Canadian water resources.
2. Learn how to increase return flow to groundwater and rivers from an urban
3. Describe the ways how to improve water quality after dam construction.
Please answer the following three questions:
1*. Canadian climate is changing and having impacts on our water resources.
Understanding the related risks and opportunities is vital for our future. Briefly discuss
the impacts of climate change on flooding, drought, lakes and groundwater, and
suggests possible ways on how we can adapt in order to reduce the impacts. Please
use Canadian examples. (8 marks)
2*. You are a city planner in a drought area. You are directed to maximize return flow
from the city to a river and groundwater system for water supply. What are your major
concerns and how would you manage these concerns? (8 marks)
3*. The building of China’s Three Gorges dam has had very negative water quality
consequences in the upstream river. How could water quality be protected as part of a
dam project? Does water quality degradation have to be the inevitable consequence of
development? (briefly explain). (4 marks)
* Maximum one page for question 1, one page for question 2 and half of page for question 3.
Your answers should be double-spaced (or have 1.5 spacing if absolutely required), but NOT
single-spaced. Minimum of 2 scientific references are required per question (i.e. scientific
books or peer-reviewed journals) for a total of at least 6 different scientific
references/sources. Font should be easy to read (i.e. times new roman, arial, calibri) with
font size 12. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Example reference: IN TEXT
The computer desk is black (Simon et al., 2000) or Simon et al. (2000) note that the computer desk is black
Example reference: AT END
Simon A, Currini A. and Darby S.E. (2000). Book Title. Publisher
Simon A, Currini A. and Darby S.E. (2000). Paper title. Journal title. Volume. Issue. Pages.
You absolutely MUST use both in text and end references.


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