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Group Dynamics

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Its an End of Term Paper It is a Naturalistic Observation.
[Bursil Rolle] Guide line is as follow
[Bursil Rolle] observe workmates: single, married with children, married without any children.
[Bursil Rolle] 1. Give a description of each group.
[Bursil Rolle] 2. use the non-Hawthorne Different to observe and record their behavior at different times for a minimum of four weeks. Observe them three times per week.
[Bursil Rolle] 3. Analyze your results 4.Develop a hypothesis 5.
[Bursil Rolle] 5. Use the Hawthorne effect by interviewing them of by telling them you are observing them. This can be done once
[Valerie Jackson] Are you going to place an order with us?
[Bursil Rolle] Compare the results and draw a conclusion
[Bursil Rolle] yes I intend to place this order

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