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Intervention Plan
Paper details:
The topic is to create an intervention plan in the HR department of a shoe company in Greece. due to the economy they have had multiple cutbacks, are understaffed and have people in positions they aren’t actually qualified for so they are looking for an intervention plan that will help the communication of the employees and prevent burnout.

General Instructions
The Masterthesis proposal consists of a Title page, Introduction, and Method section.
Additionally, students fill out the appendix with ethical information.
Title page:
Structured as a Title page of an empirical paper, in APA format. Including:
a) Title
b) Name student
c) ANR
d) Names supervisor and second assessor.
Structured as an Introduction section of an empirical paper, in APA format, of approximately 1.000 words.
The Introduction section will be evaluated by means of the Masterthesis assessment form, on the following points:
a) The importance of the study is clearly described
b) The topic, the research question and the hypotheses are clearly reported
c) The research question is well embedded in the introduction
d) The literature is sufficient in terms of number of references and relevance
e) The literature is integrated and critically described
f) Concise but complete evidence is provided for the hypotheses
Structured as a Method section of an empirical paper, in APA format. Including;
a) Procedure
b) Research design (experiment / survey)
c) Manipulations
d) Main (independent and dependent) variables
e) Participants (including determinations of sample size)
f) Plan for data analyses

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