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Journalism/journalism, Politics and Public Opinion
Answer following question:
1- Some political and cultural theorists argue that globalization has transformed the public sphere and processes of public opinion formation into transnational phenomena. Others maintain that the nation-state is still a defining spatial and political formation that unifies citizens of a country as a single public. Which of these inclinations do you support?

Instructions/ tips (please read carefully)
• Essays have to be no less than 800 words and no more than 1000
• Essays should make an argument
• Essays have to cite/ engage with at least three of the required readings discussed in class in order to support the argument made
• Extra research is allowed but not required
• You are expected to explain what the controversy/ debate in addition to stating your own position
• Essays have to be structured clearly. A typical structure starts with an introduction that states your argument, literature review that engages with class readings, followed by an elaboration of your position
• Use clear topic sentences in each new paragraph
• Essays must have titles
• Do not extensively summarize readings (only use them to support your arguments)
• You are discouraged from using the quotations included in the lecture slides unless you expand on them
• Any citation style is permitted as long as the student is consistent
• Include a bibliography (not included in word count)
• You can use the first person in your essays (i.e. the pronoun “I”)
• Avoid long-winded introductions and general statements. Get to the point!
• Essays are due 1 pm Monday November 9
• The hand-in procedure is as follows: Please download a copy of the coversheet from your module in MOLE, paste your assignment into it, complete the information and upload the whole file. YOUR UPLOAD TITLE MUST BEGIN WITH YOUR REGISTRATION NUMBER.
• Please provide word counts for the essays. Word counts do not include bibliography, appendixes and footnotes.
• This is an individual work. Please do not discuss your answers with your peers.
• NO PLAGIARISM (See module outline for plagiarism policies)

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