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You are only answering for me the current market situation part. It is Assessment task 2. It is a group marketing assignment and my part is the current market situation with all those dot points under the current market situation. Use each question as the headings in responding. so read from the top- assessment task 2.Read the whole question from the top and concentrate on the current market situation addressing those questions. Rom 12 font size. in text ref each paragraph. So my group we are introducing a car insurance service to ALDI supermarket which are CTP and FULL
COMPREHENSIVE insurance. So it will be called ALDI CAR INSURANCE SERVICE-CTP AND FULL COMPREHENSIVE. So address my part only the current market situation:

Remember to give an overall picture-how big is the supermarket-in the first heading question then respond accordingly to the question in connection with the new service we are introducing.
second dot point-answer the question as asked but also let it be strong when talking about the service and how it will look like and so forth with the following questions. Please use questions as headers as i repeat. So you are only answering the questions mainly. Explain thoroughly

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