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This recommendation is the most important one among my recommendation letters sending to graduation admission office. And it is supposed to be from my previously worked company.
After I graduated from undergraduate school with a major of recording art, I decided to work for one year to enhance my professional skill before pursuing master degree in arts administration field. And I got an opportunity to work for Abercrombie&Fitch as an assistant manager. During this one year full time job plus my 2 years part time job in A&F, I did really good job, I got even add to promotion pipeline before I came to US. And it was also the time I gain management skill which can apply on my further study and career.
This was my job duty:
• Trained in operations, merchandising, marketing, recruiting, training, asset protection, HR, business and brand management within company.
• Recruited to meet staffing goals, including managers.
• Help set out great store experience unique to customers.
• Took charge in stocktaking, inventory and replenishment.
• Managed about 200 associates to increase store experience and audit scores.

During this one year, I recruited more than 120 candidates, and hired about 60 employees. Also I trained 4 managers in training program and they successfully graduated from that program.

I want my recommender emphasize some specific professional skill and my potential in administration and management field. Which includes: sophisticated problem solving skill, well communication with colleagues and employees and interaction with customers, flexible and positive to changing working environment and working pressure, business analytical skill. Multi-tasks skill.

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