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Swell Sculpture Festival”

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I select a local event is ” Swell Sculpture Festival”
You will use this event as a case study of sustainable practices in the event industry

You need to research and pretend like you attend this event, In these assessment items will critically analyse the event management practices experienced and observed at event I choose (Swell Sculpture Festival)

The purpose of this assessment item is to demonstrate ability to critically analyse event experience and observation and compare them to contemporary research and best practices standards in sustainable event management.
You will evaluate whether the event performed well in relation to sustainability, and if relevant make recommendation as to how the event could be improved to better align with best practices principles and industry standards.

and I will upload photos and you have to record experience of event through photograph.

You can use other people’s photographs for assignment, i.e. other people’s publicly available Instagram photographs or the promoter’s photographs BUT any photographs that you use, MUST be referenced.

You MUST indicate where these photographs came from – and supply a URL or Instagram hashtag.
I would PREFER you use my own photographs which I will upload it later. Use as many of my own photographs as possible – the more the better.
Research-based Written Assignment
Your written report should include the following:
•    Introduction: Preview the purpose, layout and content of your report.

•    Literature review: Provide an overview of current knowledge on sustainable event management, industry standards (ISO20121) and best practice covering environmental, social and economic factors.

•    Research aim and methods: Explain your approach to conducting this event evaluation (What did you do and why? Explain how you ‘researched’ this event and why, i.e. through web-based research, participant observation, etc.)

(You can use personal pronouns to explain theexperience in a research paper.)

•    Key findings and discussion: Evaluate the event by critically analysing your experiences and observations, and comparing them to the literature contained in your literature review. Use your photographs (maximum 10) to illustrate and discuss key observations in relation to environmental, social and economic factors.

•    Recommendations: Make recommendations on how the event organiser could modify the event to adhere to industry standards / best practice in sustainability. Ensure your recommendations are supported by literature and coverenvironmental, social and economic factors of sustainability.

•    Conclusion: Summarise the content and key outcomes of your report.

•    Reference list: Full citations for all resources mentioned ‘in-text’, APA format. A higher number of references will indicate more in-depth coverage of sustainable event management literature.

•    Appendix: Your field notes, and any additional photographs.


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