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El Castillo: The Eco-fairy

answer the following questions based on the case titled, ‘El Castillo: The Eco-fairy Castle’. Question 1 has two parts (A and B). Question 2 has one part. Each question (Q1 and Q2) carries equal marks. Please choose appropriate frameworks from the ones we discussed in class and apply to analyse each question. The entire assignment should be a maximum of 1000 words (you can exceed by 200 at the most). It is up to you how you want to divide the words between questions.


1. A. Identify the key resources and capabilities that were critical for El Castillo developing a successful strategic advantage in the face of difficult external challenges.
B. Analyze the strategic decisions El Castillo made at each stage of the value chain – purchasing, operations, marketing, sales/distribution. Do their actions throughout align with the vision, mission and values they established in the beginning?

2. Draw a value curve for El Castillo and for a traditional hotel. Would you consider the Fabrega family a value innovator? Explain why or why not?

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