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Part I: American Exception
Summarize each article in a paragraph or two and address the following questions:

Article I
•How is the U.S. approach to free speech different from other nations? Give
• Should there be a legal distinction in the U.S. between free speech and hate

Article II
• What, in your opinion, are some of the advantages and disadvantages of electing
• What can the United States learn from other countries in how judges are selected
and trained?

Article III
• In light of what you read concerning the exclusion of evidence in other countries,
is the United States policy of suppression of physical evidence too harsh? Who is
punished by the exclusionary rule?
• What are some alternatives to automatic legal suppression of evidence?

Why is the United States justice system unique among the world and what can it learn
from other nations?
Article I
Liptak, A. (2008, July 12). Unlike others, U.S. defends freedom to offend in speech. New
York Times:

Article II
Liptak, A. (2008, May 25). Rendering justice, with one eye on re-election. New York

Article III
Liptak, A. (2008, July 19). U.S. is alone in rejecting all evidence if police err. New York

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