1) Outline & Annotated Bibliography for Fiction Argument Essay

1) Outline & Annotated Bibliography for Fiction Argument Essay
In this assignment, you will continue practicing your literary research and writing skills by putting together an outline (PART I) of your Fiction Argument Essay as well as an annotated bibliography (PART II). You will find more detailed information about both of the these in the textbook by referring to the Sample Student Essays. Please review the grading rubrics to better understand how each of these assignments will be evaluated.
How to Proceed: Part I: Outline
1. Draft an outline of your working essay including both major and minor points for your introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. 2. Properly format your outline.
How to Proceed: Part II: Annotated Bibliography
1. Locate FIVE possible sources to be used in your essay; these must be academic, peer-reviewed in nature. 2. Create the citations for each source. Your bibliography needs to have one complete citation per source. 3. Create your annotation for each source. Each annotation should include three things: a) a summation of the source, that is, what is unique about the source; b) a brief 2-3 sentence evaluation of the source; and c) a 3-4 sentence discussion of how the source is relevant to your research essay.

2) One page revision narrative (for Fiction Argument Essay)

In this assignment, you will reflect on the revisions that you have made to your fiction argument essay to prepare to submit the final draft.

How to Proceed: PART I: Outline
1. In 250-words, describe the revision process your fiction argument essay has undergone. This is a personal reflection, so you may write from the 1st-person point of view. Be sure to speak to specific revision choices youve made and WHY youve made them. Support your changes with examples from your essay. Most importantly, make it clear WHAT changes you made (over the course of revision) and WHY.
2. Properly format your revision narrative and make sure to proofread for grammar and spelling before submitting your revision narrative.

3) Final Draft of Fiction Argument Essay (6 – 8 pages with 5 secondary sources)


In this assignment, you will synthesize all that you have learned during our fiction unit in crafting a fiction argument essay. The overall purpose of your fiction essay is to argue a literary point. Begin by reviewing the elements of an argument essay in this topic as well as in the textbook. Sample Student Essays (and topics) will help guide you in your choice of literary argument.

How to Proceed:

1. Craft a 5 – 7 page fiction argument essay in which you make a strong claim as it relates to one (or more of the stories) that we’ve covered during our fiction unit. The argument you decide to make can consist of ANYTHING you wish, however, the primary purpose is to convince your reader of your point, so relying on both primary and secondary support is essential to a strong essay.

2. Your essay needs to be framed around a literary argument and make use of no fewer than FIVE outside, academic sources.

3. Your essay needs to be properly formatted and be edited for grammar/spelling errors.
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