3M Canada: Industrial Business Division

3M Canada: Industrial Business Division

Read the Comprehensive Case Study, “3M Canada: Industrial Business Division,” on pages 499-514 in your textbook.

This case illustrates the challenges associated with B2B market strategy development and incorporates many of the concepts we have covered throughout this course.

Complete a Case Study of approximately 8eight pages that includes the following sections:

1. Executive Summary: This should be the first page after the title page and should (in less than one page) summarize the major issues in the case.

2. Opportunities and Challenges: Evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing 3M’s Industrial Business Division from changing the customer focus from OEM to MRO.

In addition to your written analysis in this section, also present your findings in a table labeled “Opportunities and Threats.”

3. Sales Relationships: Describe how the sales relationships with OEM customers differ from that with MRO customers.
Discuss the product offerings, target markets, distribution issues, and pricing concerns. Include a graph in this section that illustrates the sales relationships.

4. Explain how 3M IBD’s current sales model could be changed to effectively reach national distributors. Justify your recommendation for a more effective sales model.

5. Design a plan of action for 3M IBD that addresses the following issues:
• Explain why the company should or should not target national distributors.
• Describe the changes needed in the sale model and supporting marketing strategy.
• Include a recommendation of how 3M IBD can meet the aggressive revenue growth mandate from their current CEO.

6. Conclusion: Summarize your overall findings, and use research to support your conclusion. Make sure to follow

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