a CGMA designation

a CGMA designation

Recently, a CGMA designation has emerged to augment the CPA.  Read the articles below (quiet short) and comment on:

Does it make sense to have a “principles” based approach for managerial accountants? i.e. Given the cases you have seen and the subjectivity of the analysis, can there be “standardization” of managerial accounting.

ARTICLE 1: http://blog.aicpa.org/2014/02/building-a-foundation-for-the-future-of-management-accounting.html#sthash.jpri5Qk3.RJZwkQHt.dpbs

ARTICE 2: http://www.cimaglobal.com/About-us/The-Global-Management-Accounting-Principles/?utm_source=web&utm_medium=cgma&utm_campaign=principles

ENG 3550: Writing for the Professions II Recommendation Proposal (RP)
Length: 8-10 pages Due Dates: Rough Draft due 12/3. Final draft due 12/5. See submission instructions below for both drafts. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED. What: Research and write a Recommendation Proposal (RP) about a specific business-related issue for a given audience. Locate, evaluate, and integrate information from electronic and print sources and document them using APA style. Read actively and demonstrate understanding of readings to inform the proposal. Develop the RP using form, organization, syntax, diction, style, and tone appropriate for the given audience, subject, and purpose. Compose multiple drafts of the RP (revising for focus, development, and organization) and then edit for grammar, punctuation, and clarity of delivery. Why: The RP is an informative, analytical business document that uses research to persuade a given audience to take action on a particular issue or need. RPs are most commonly designed to do one or more of the following: communicate recommendations from one business to another communicate recommendations from an individual to a business request funding solve an internal problem This assignment allows you to demonstrate understanding of rhetorical appeals and definitions used in business communication through a formal, written report. It reinforces knowledge of writing as a process in which personal and collaborative revision and editing skills are used in service of substantive revision. How: Earlier in the course you brainstormed your ideas for this project and determined its subject, audience, and purpose. You also considered potential research sources and predicted possible opposition to your expected recommendations. Reflect upon those initial plans as you move forward with the RP: 1. What is  the  specific  subject  youíll  discuss  in  your  RP?  Who  is  the  target  audience?    What  do  you   want to convince the audience to do? Will the RP be addressed from one business to another? Or will it be from an individual to a business? Will the RP request funding? Will it attempt to solve an internal business problem? 2. As offered earlier in the course, here are some suggestions from Contemporary Business Communications (Houghton Mifflin, 2009) to prompt your thinking about possible topics for this assignment: comparison of home pages on the Internet for ABC industry dress policy for the ABC company age discrimination at ABC company or university buying versus leasing computers at ABC company or university developing a diversity training program at ABC company encouraging the use of mass transit at ABC company or university establishing a recycling policy at ABC company evaluating a charity for corporate giving at ABC company recommending a site for the annual convention of ABC association starting ABC business in XYZ city

starting an employee newsletter at ABC company starting an onsite wellness program at ABC company or university best online source for office supplies at ABC company best shipping service (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx) most appropriate laptop computer for ABC company managers who travel 3. Ensure the final draft of the RP applies APA style and contains the following sections: Title page Table of Contents Executive Summary or Abstract Introduction o Purpose or overview o Background or problem v. Discussion o methodology/analysis o presentation of data vi. Conclusion/Recommendation vii. References Rough Draft instructions: Rough draft must be posted on the Discussion Board no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, 12/1. The draft MUST BE POSTED AS A WORD DOCUMENT. Feedback must be posted no later than 11:59 on Tuesday, 12/3. This feedback must be posted, again, AS A WORD DOCUMENT WITH THE WORD ìFEEDBACKî ADDED TO THE FILE NAME. This file MUST ALSO be forwarded to me directly by the same time. Final Draft instructions: The essay must be submitted via TurnItIn no later than 1:30pm on Thursday, 12/5. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS PERMITEED. IF THE ESSAY IS NOT SUBMITTED BY THE DEADLINE, IT WILL BE SCORED AS A ZERO. i. ii. iii. iv.

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