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A critical analysis of the novel ‘The moon is down’ by Steinbeck
Important points you need to focus on in critically analyzing the novel “The Moon is Down. By Steinbeck” :
– This novel is a classic story of military occupation, and military occupation always end up with the same result, the local people will always resist it by any means necessary. Therefore, so military experts might suggests either to colonialize it or committee genocide

– Military occupation will face at least one or more militant groups will heavily fights the occupiers.
– When people feels that they are being attack by an ‘external powers’, consequently they will react in a way that protect them. This idea might be even applies in a country within small communities. If one community feels that they are being marginalized or there is a kind of racism they will do the same. For example the black community demonstrations and riots of Ferguson city in Missouri state. Some of the members of Ferguson black community consider it as a war against the police due to their mistreatment of black people.

– In the novel, there was no sympathy for Coral because he was helping the enemy.

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