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A Health Education Plan on Alcohol Abuse in CollegesStudents

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Health Education Plan utilizing the Health Planning Model and the Nursing Process.
1. Assessment – briefly describe the public health issue and population aggregate affected (alcohol abuse in college students) include evidence to support your description and include a problem statement.
2. Plan – develop an overall program goal and at least 3 program objectives/activities planned to reach the goal. Described the activities related to the essential public health services and prevention level (primary, secondary, tertiary). Include support from evidence-based research (at least two studies) to support your proposed activities/objectives.
3. Intervention – describe how the activities will be implemented. Include relevant strategies to address literacy, culture, and learning needs for the target population.
4. Evaluation – describe how the health promotion goal will be evaluated and include one process (or formative) measure and one outcome (or summative) measure.

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