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Pick one important and difficult life decision made by a real historical or contemporary public person or a person who is a character in a novel or a film.* Do not make up a story or talk about any individual who does not fit the previous description. The decision must meet the following conditions: (a) it involved another person/other people and not just the person making it (b) it had what you think was a very significant outcome (c) the person did something you think was very morally wrong. Answer the following questions about it:
(1) Identify the source of your information about the person
(2)What were the person/character?s options?
(3) What decision did s/he make? Why? (If it isn?t clear why, say that.)
(4) Why did the theory have a very significant outcome and one you think is very morally wrong?
(5) Of all the moral theories studied in this course, which comes closest to matching
your reasoning about what was wrong. Explain.
(6) Pick one moral theory which would not match your reasoning about what was wrong. Say what it is and how it would reason/decide in this case.

I request Adolf Hitler to be the topic of discussion.

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