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An analysis of GE by using Six Sigma operation management tools
1,Essay is divided into five parts:

a. Briefly explain the environment and competitive priorities of the operation. You might want to use a performance objectives map showing required and actual performance, as well as perhaps the performance of comparable / competing processes. Keep it brief.

b. The introduction should do so using, where possible Operations Management frameworks, language etc. The introduction has to quickly inform the reader about the operations’ task. Briefly explain the operations challenges or problems that you are going to analyse. Why is the operation of interest? Don’t provide loads of background information.

a. What theory, tools, techniques and concepts are you going to apply in your analysis, and why? ( Total Quantity Management, Six sigma operation tool)
You do not need to justify process mapping per se, as it is a requirement of the brief that you create a process map. However, there are many different types of process map and you should justify your choice amongst these options. You explain how you will use the process map.
b. The method section also briefly explains how you will apply your selected Operations Management material.

? Analysis
theory – the content – and apply it in hard analysis
a. Specifying describe Six Sigma.
b. Compare and contrast the recommendations of theory with a summary of observations. That is, put the case ( GE ) behind the theory, analysis how the company utilizes Six Sigma to solve its problems.The latter is a little like a mini case study analysis.
c. Identifying (potential) problems that occurred in the process of using Six Sigma of GE.


recommendation is related to problems that you find in the analysis part.

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