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An Analysis of Teaching Materials

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• Choose an ESL/EFL coursebook/textbook (at beginner, intermediate or advanced level, Student’s Book ONLY). Your task then is to critically
analyse the coursebook/textbook to find out what underlying theories and principles are being followed by the coursebook/textbook writers in
relation to second language learning/teaching and syllabus design.
• Include the following in your analysis and discussions:
? An overview of how the materials are organized (e.g., through themes, grammar, function etc.)
? Focused analysis: you can choose to focus on certain aspects of material design that relate to second language learning/teaching and
syllabus design, for instance, what general second language learning and teaching theories and principles are evident (e.g.,
behaviourist, Krashen’s 5 Hypotheses etc), what aspects of language performance are emphasised (e.g., linguistic, sociolinguistic
competence etc.).
? Critical evaluation of the material you have chosen: examine the suitability of the material for the target learners based on relevant
second language learning and teaching theories and principles.

1. Understanding of theories and principles in second language learning/teaching and material design
2. Data collection and display for the analysis task
3. Material evaluation
4. Presentation format

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