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Analysis of Poetry
In this section assignment, you will conduct a close analysis of two poems, and write a multi-paragraph composition based on your analysis.

Step 1. Select Two Poems

Poems on the English 12 Media CD, with the exception of “All Week,” address the topic of “heating up.” Select two of these poems to write about.

You will be comparing and contrasting the ways the two poems comment on “heating up.” Choose the poems you feel you would have the most to say about.

Step 2. How to Swallow a Poem Response (14 Marks)

Following the example provided in Lesson D, “From First Swallow to Written Analysis,” complete the steps in “How to Swallow a Poem” for each of the poems you have selected. “How to Swallow a Poem” is provided.

Evaluation Guidelines Marks

• 1 mark for each “How to Swallow a Poem” response (maximum 7 marks)
• 2 poems X a maximum of 7 marks 14

Total Marks /14
Step 3. Three Impressions (12 Marks)

Using your notes, ask yourself what created each of the impressions you’ve noted.

For example, if you wrote down certain words that stand out, ask yourself, Why? Did they bring up an association for you? Do they rhyme with each other? Do they use another sound device like alliteration or assonance within the poem? Do they have a sound that suits the subject matter? For example, if the word sounds like a ringing, is the poem about a bell?

Write down at least three of your impressions, then write what in the poem’s language creates those for you, and how.

Evaluation Guidelines Marks

Student describes 3 impressions for each poem
• 1 mark for each impression (maximum 3 marks for each poem)
• 2 poems in total (maximum 3 marks X 2)
Student accurately identifies device in the poem that creates each impression (diction, imagery, sound devices, figurative devices.
• 3 devices for each poem (maximum 3 marks X 2)
Total Marks /12
Step 4. Comparing the Poems (24 Marks)

In a multi-paragraph essay, compare and contrast the ways the two poems comment on the theme of “heating up.”

Use your preparation regarding impressions from the poems, and how they are created, to support what you write about the poems. Be as specific as possible! You will need to transcribe lines of the poems, so that you can quote them for support.

Be sure to write about:

• the tone.

• the central idea: what you know at the end of the poem that you didn’t at the beginning.

• how the sounds contribute to the effect of the poem.

• When you write your conclusion, be sure to revisit your topic sentence, and on the basis of the examples that you have provided, summarize what has been demonstrated in your essay. In more general terms, you can comment on your overall impression of the poems and how you enjoyed them, or felt distanced from them.

Your written response should be three paragraphs long, and each paragraph should be between 5–7 sentences. Word count should be between 250–350.

Evaluation Guidelines Marks

Multi-paragraph Composition Scoring Guide for Poetry Comparison X 4 24
Total Marks /24

Total Evaluation Guidelines for Section 3 Assignment:
Part 2: Written Analysis of Poetry Marks

Step 2 How to Swallow a Poem 14
Step 3 Three Impressions (from each poem) 12
Step 4 The Effect of the Poem
• Paragraph Scoring Guide X 4 24
Total Marks /50

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