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Analytical Report

For this assignment you will write a analytical report addressing a problem at UMUC or work in a memo format. You may choose any campus or work issue. Focus on a issue, examine possible solutions, make a recommendation to address the issue. You will need to complete some research for this project. Your research will need to examine the current issue and the current system used. You will address your memo to someone who can approve your recommendation. Example: if you choose a UMUC problem, then you could address this report to the chancellor of UMUC.


Your analytical report should be written in a memo format addressed to someone who can fix the problem. You will use a memo format because you are writing an internal document.
Don’t forget to include a purpose statement in your introduction. You will need to state the problem and the purpose of the memo.
Make sure that you have the following headings in your Memo:

Introduction- Give an introduction and include a purpose statement and an advance organizer.
Problem- Define the problem in detail. Also include why this problem needs to be addressed.
Background- provides information about the problem (the current situation) and the seriousness of the problem. You will want to assume that I know nothing about the current situation.
Proposed Solution (s)- Make sure you include details in this section. If you state that UMUC needs more parking, you need to clearly state where additional lots will be places, how many slots each parking lot will provide, and possible costs.
Disadvantages- disadvantages of proposed solutions. This is a section where you can give a purpose statement and give a bulleted list.
Advantages- advantages of proposed solutions. This is a section where you can give a purpose statement and give a bulleted list.
Recommendations- states what solution should implement and argues why. You can recommend short term and long term solutions.
Sources- List any sources you use to compile information for this report. Follow MLA format.

General Requirements:

Length- will depend on your issue. Most proposal reports of this nature are 5-10 pages.
Chapter 16, 17, and 19 will help you complete this project. Although there is not a direct example in the text, the examples presented will help you complete
this project. There are examples under project 6’s conference.
Write in a clear and concise manner and in a professional tone
Your report should free from grammar and editing errors
Use principles of effective document design
Make sure that you give the required headings listed above. You may add additional sub-headings under the main headings if needed.

More discussion:

Essentially, you will be choosing a workplace or school problem as your topic. This problem should have at least three possible solutions–solutions that you do not determine ahead of time, but that must be decided upon after research and evaluation. Then, you’ll do that research, and based on that research, you’ll evaluate the options (advantages and disadvantages). You’ll present the problem, your research, and evaluation of the solutions, and then you’ll make a recommendation.

Making your decision-making process visible is a persuasive move. You want to show your readers why you are recommending what you are, and you want them to accept your recommendation.

Below is the situation at UMUC to be addressed:

University of Maryland College Park campus
DATE: September 24, 2012
TO: David B. Mitchell
FROM: Johanna Cruz
Janice Owens, Department of Transportation
John Copper, University Police Officer

Subject: Proposal for introducing an advertisement method that is set to increase the company?s sales of more than twice and how it will affect the company?s sale.
The purpose of this purpose is to effectively ensure that the firms/businesses that hope of expanding their businesses become aware of an effective strategy that works.
Majority of business entrepreneurs rely mainly on effective forms of advertisements that are designed to get to their intended customers. In so doing, not only do the company?s products get to their expected customers, but the company?s brand also gets noticed through exposure. In so far as possible, the advertising profession is allowed to speak for itself so that further discussion can be focussed on their intentions as well as on the effects of advertising.
The University of Maryland College Park campus is home to over hundreds of thousands students per year. Owing to the outsized number of students living around the school, a lot of businesses have sprung up due to the available market. In order for a firm to stand out, it is vital to ensure that customers are well acquainted with the business brand. The priority is to make the firms make maximum profit and at the same time ensure that customer needs, with regard to; taste, preference and choice are catered for. Subsequently, establishment of beneficial relationships between the clients and the businesses feel safe (Miner, 2008). Implementing eco-friendly parking lot advertisement fixtures will be steps ahead in the appropriate direction. The College Park area is known to have high ready market. According to statistics only firms that engage in effective advertisement manage to work out.

With these statistics we propose the introduction or rather the use of cup ads. Within this context, the coffee cup ads will ensure that the majority of people read whatever message that will be written or inscribed on the cups due to exposure. Furthermore, while taking their coffee, the cup user will be up and around like walking billboards thus advertising the brand of a particular advertiser to dozens of people he/she comes into contact with (Miner, 2008).
Once the coffee cups have been bought, and branding has been done and advertisement fixtures have been implemented, we propose to complete our report in an estimated 4 weeks (Installation and survey). We will show that having these coffee cups are the best form of advertisement against rival competition and helps make the students feel safe with lighting. If the project is approved it will take a total of about 8 weeks. In this time period we will figure out how the number of coffee cups required as the population itself is already present. The project is expected to total at a combined cost of $6,000.00 and a total of 25 man hours ($1800 for the lights, accessories and $3300 for man hours). If you accept this proposal we will begin working immediately. We will provide a progress report in 2 weeks and the complete recommendation report in 6 weeks (Miner, 2008).
we are seeking approval for a project to study if the effectiveness of placing ads on coffee cups for the main purpose of advertisement. We are aware of alternative sources that may be used when advertising that people may use to win over clients, no other advertising strategy is as effective as the coffee cups tea. Sometimes adding advertisements in businesses help improve total sales thus making it possible for expansion and growth. Thing project may be straining on the budget but we are hoping that this proposal will put in perspective the need for safety around the campus.
Proposed Tasks
1. Any advertiser, who hopes of acquainting their business with their clients, needs to get hold of us first. After doing that, the advertiser pays or rather buys for the coffee plain cups. After acquiring the coffee cups, the cups are branded with the advertiser?s need to know information or company logo.
2. The purpose of this purpose is to effectively ensure that the firms/businesses that hope of expanding their businesses become aware of an effective strategy that works. This will ensure that the businesses met the requirements and needs of the clients through the production of high quality goods and services.
3. Investigate how the new fixtures in advertisement can improve business on the campus. We will start out as mentioned above with just adding advertisement fixtures to one campus parking lot. We will survey how students feel, how and if the crime has declined, and even speak with faculty about how they feel as well.
4. Come up with hot spots where the coffee stands will be located. The coffee stands should be situated at the spot that also have other activities such as snacks. This will ensure that anytime an individual wants to get a bite of his/her favourite spot, he/she will also include coffee in his budget.
5. For this project to become a success, the branded coffee cups will e issued to the coffee stands owners for free. This will ensure that the coffee stand owners save a lot of their money since they will be acquiring cups for free. The demand for the branded coffee cups is likely to intensify with the escalation in the number of clients.
6. Analyze the feasibility and cost of each option. We will gather data about solutions that will inform us about estimated costs to implement the solution. The compiled data will also give us a well-defined picture of how difficult the systems will be to introduce and what complications we may face in the process of implementation.
7. Assess the benefits of adding the advertisement fixtures verses cost. We will compare the benefit form all the information gathered to show that maybe adding the extra fixtures in the parking lot though expensive may be more beneficial in the end. It could take a strain of the campus police, the students could feel safer and the school could get grant money for adding eco-friendly parking advertisement fixtures?
8. Assemble a report of all the findings and recommendations. An account will be put collectively at the end of the 6 weeks. This report will have all the surveys and added statistics of the how the advertisement fixture in coffee cups impacted campus life and the businesses. With this report, a recommendation report will be added to include what changes will benefit campus life.
9. Sequence of operation
A newly established business cannot compete favourably with a well-established industry. The effective business strategy for firms that want to expand their businesses is designed to enable a company get its required response after 21 days.

The proposed team for this project consists of members from the student body, Department of Transportation, and University Police. Johanna Cruz, Student Body President has been studying at the University now for 3 years. She is a senior now and has notice this issue a discussed it with others previously. She is the study for her bachelors in Psychology and a minor in criminal justice. Janice Owen, Department of Transportation Campus Official working closely with Campus police, and have been working there for over 8 years. She has talked with Johanna regarding this issue before. John Copper, Campus Police Officer, has been with the University Police for 10 years. He received his bachelors in illegal integrity form the University of Maryland. He was separate of the group, who came up with the crime statistics. He has first-hand knowledge of the crime on campus and off it.

The following is the itemized budget for the proposed research.
Hours Rate Cost
Hours 2 2400
Installation 4 400 1600
Johanna Cruz 15 20.00 300.00
John Copper 15 20.00 300.00
Janice Owens 15 20.00 300.00
Total 99 495.00 4900.00

An aggressive and intelligent advertising of a worthy product or service, while serving the self-interest of the producer through profitable sales, does at the same time contribute importantly to a firm?s success by educating people to a higher standard of living and to the higher levels of consumption that our productivity and resources justify. The standards and levels of advertising are, of course interconnected. The sum of all things desired and the relative importance given to them determines what material objects are best for advertising, material things sought after and the relative importance of advertising. The main purpose here is to discover the effective approach which the advertising profession proposes to follow. Important milestone in the project include growth of the firm or business. Due to the fact that investment in technology results in production of high quality goods and services, subsequently resulting in increased demand of the products and a huge profit realization, the business is able to expand its operation to a larger market share. The establishment of this business will also result or rather lead to the creation of employment, for instance, skilled and semi-skilled employees in the firm. Creation of employment, with this regard, is likely to raise the living standards of the workforce. Furthermore, the establishment of the firm will result in the creation of new infrastructure connecting different towns to the firm for moving of resources to the manufacturing works and transportation of finished products and services from the firm to the available market. Another milestone that can be attributed to this project is of the fact that, as a result of the production of the high quality goods, competitors will also try to come up with superior goods so as to fit in the business world. Customer will thus get value for their money.

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