Animal Rights (Conclusion

Animal Rights (Conclusion),

Reflection Short Answer Assignment
Having learned about Plato’s view, egoism, relativism, the divine command theory, utilitarianism, Kant, Ayer, Moore–which seems most appealing to you if you were to choose, and why. (There is no correct answer to this, just an opportunity to think about what kind of thinker you are.)

Animal Rights Moderate View Short Answer Exam
Answer both questions.
1.    Explain how Pollan justifies eating meat while agreeing with Singer. (You need to explain the way in which he agrees with Singer to answer this.)

2.    (a) What is Foer’s mission?  (b) What is Bittman’s explanation for how it is possible for factory farming employees to continue doing what they do?

20 Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1
1.    Foer is asking people to:

a.    All of these

b.    Defend the rights of animals

c.    Stop buying factory-farmed meat

d.    Stop eating meat
0.5 points
Question 2
1.    Regan is against

a.    Hunting animals

b.    Eating animals

c.    All of these

d.    Experimenting on animals
0.5 points
Question 3
1.    Cohen is against

a.    Experimenting on animals

b.    None of these

c.    Eating animals

d.    Neglecting your pets
0.5 points
Question 4
1.    Kant believes that

a.    We should not be unnecessarily cruel to animals

b.    If you are cruel to animals, you will be cruel to people.

c.    All of these

d.    Animals are our instruments
0.5 points
Question 5
1.    Speciesists defend their position by pointing to a relevant difference between species. According to Cohen, the relevant difference between humans and other animals is that humans:

a.    Care for each other

b.    Have reason

c.    Are part of a moral community

d.    Experience pain
0.5 points
Question 6
1.    Michael Pollan:

a.    Defends speciesism

b.    None of these

c.    Calls for alternatives to factory farmed meat

d.    Defends the rights of animals
0.5 points
Question 7
1.    Foer is interested in:

a.    Movements to get the government to outlaw factory farms

b.    Defending animal rights

c.    All of these

d.    Informing people about how most meat gets to the market
0.5 points
Question 8
1.    Cohen’s speciesism favors:

a.    All of these

b.    The strongest species

c.    Human animals over nonhuman animals

d.    Some more advanced forms within a species
0.5 points
Question 9
1.    Kant thinks we have no direct duties to nonhuman animals
0.5 points
Question 10
1.    Singer insists on equal treatment for all people and animals
0.5 points
Question 11
1.    Kant’s reason for not harming animals is that the animals suffer from it
0.5 points
Question 12
1.    Regan thinks animals have rights in view of the fact that:

a.    They can suffer and feel pain

b.    They are subjects of a life

c.    They would claim them if they could

d.    They are like us emotionally and they display some reason
0.5 points
Question 13
1.    Cohen thinks some people have mistakenly thought nonhuman animals to have rights because:

a.    They mistook the sense in which animals have intrinsic value

b.    Both of these

c.    Neither of these

d.    Animals act in similar ways to us sometimes in terms of emotion and reason
0.5 points
Question 14
1.    Cohen thinks being part of a moral community involves

a.    Having a free will

b.    Making decisions

c.    Having a moral free will

d.    Being able to do good things
0.5 points
Question 15
1.    Kant thinks your reason for harming an animal is relevant to whether it is wrong to harm it.
0.5 points
Question 16
1.    Kant thinks we have a direct duty to

a.    Animals and people

b.    People only

c.    Animals with higher intelligence and people

d.    People who are capable of reasoning
0.5 points
Question 17
1.    Kant thinks it’s OK to experiment on animals to advance medicine
0.5 points
Question 18
1.    Greer (from the video) argues that

a.    We shouldn’t treat animals cruelly

b.    We shouldn’t support factory farms

c.    We shouldn’t experiment on animals

d.    None of these
0.5 points
Question 19
1.    Greer (from video) thinks it’s appropriate for people to decide rights for animals
0.5 points
Question 20
1.    Singer thinks animals should be considered in virtue of

a.    Their rational side

b.    Their capacity to suffer and enjoy life

c.    The fact that they have families

d.    Their natural places in the world

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