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Argumentative Essay-Economic globalisation and Australia- The Australian government should continue to support economic globalization

Argumentative Essay
Topic: The Australian government should continue to support economic globalization.
Submission: 1. File to Turnitin on Blackboard: – Essay WITHOUT ‘Works Cited’ list – Similarity report must be 10% or under
– Essay WITH ‘Works Cited’ list. Cite at least 15 sources. Use APA referencing style and English-language sources only
– Essay Plan (the one you submitted for assessment or a new version)
– Completed Response to Feedback sheet (about the Essay Plan)
Essay Presentation: Submit hard copy with a School of Languages and Cultures personalised assignment cover sheet, available on the School of Languages and Cultures website. Use 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial. Use 1.5 or double spacing between lines.

APA Referencing Style
In-text citation:
The contemporary romance reader is “an active participant in the genre’s production and reception as well as its consumption” (Struve, 2011, p. 1290).
Works Cited:
Struve, L. (2011). Sisters of sorts: Reading romantic fiction and the bonds among female readers. The Journal of Popular Culture, 44(6): 1289–1306.

Essay Structure
Title (general topic)
Ø Introduction:
• General comments to introduce the topic

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