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Argumentative Synthesis Essay Assignment Sheet
You have been reading about technology all semester. Using at least 3 related sources listed on Moodle this semester, write a standard 4 or 5 paragraph MLA essay that is at least 700 words in length and answers the following question:

What do you think of technology? Make an arguable claim and incorporate sources we have read and/or watched this semester into your argument.

You may use other sources not posted on Moodle in addition to the three from Moodle required, but you ar not required to and doing so will not necessarily make your paper better.

A major part of your grade will be how well you incorporate sources into your own writing (see rubric).

You will also be graded on the writing process: draft 1 with count toward 25% of your synthesis essay grade.

First submit your essay to Turnitin. Then upload here a soft copy and hand in a hard copy with a rubric stapled to the top. Please write your name, section, and date on the rubric.

Course Outcomes Met

Use various composing processes (prewriting, drafting, revising, final editing) to develop, refine, and focus their ideas.
Collaborate with others in analyzing and revising their own and others’ writing processes and products.
Read actively and demonstrate comprehension of assigned readings through the ability to summarize, question, and respond to text.
Make connections to and among texts, considering issues of personal, cultural, and societal importance.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of strategies for synthesizing ideas from a multiple readings.
Demonstrate a working knowledge of integrating others’ ideas into their own writing.
Apply the basic conventions of quotation, citation, and format.
Make basic rhetorical and grammatical choices in developing their writing for specific purposes and audiences.

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