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Ariticle Dissection 4

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A. Describe the purpose/aims of the study. B. Note the theory/ evidence-based intervention/or policy being applied; also note whether the author’s use of theory is explicit or implicit and briefly explain why. Identify the key concepts. Are their definitions clear? Do they fit with the theoretical framework provided? C. Describe the methodology (sample, design, analytic strategy) employed. Does the method fit with the theoretical framework? – consider the type of sample selected, the types of variables included, the approach to data collection and analysis. Are the key variables, and their operationalization, what you expected based on the introduction? If the analysis is sophisticated, does the author do a good job tutoring the reader so you can appreciate the analytic approach? D. Describe the key findings of the study. Overall, what does this study contribute to basic and/or applied knowledge? E. What are the key limitations and implications for practice of the study? – note those mentioned by the author as well as additional limitations and implications you observed (make sure to distinguish between the limitations/implications you identify and those identified by the authors). F. What do you think are some good next steps/good questions to ask for future research? This paper should be in APA format. Please answer each bullet thoroughly and clearly. This paper needs to be in APA format (Double spaced, 12 font Times New Roman, Reference page, and Citations)

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