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Art Essay

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This component involves you physically going to view art {in real life} NOT ONLINE. There are many museums, galleries and art on display at various venues {coffee shops, community centers, public offices & libraries}. A simple Google search will help you find something in your area that is happening. Houston has an active Art community; with campus events often. We are lucky the Houston area is thriving with art spaces all over the place! Spend time looking online for something that you might want to view, get directions and GO! I am looking for thoughtfulness, ability to follow directions-rather than a specific length involved. You will create a written response to your visit by telling me the following things: Paragraph One: Tell me about the overall show. Describe the location, show, type of artwork present. Is it a group show featuring many artists, or a solo show focusing on one person’s artwork? Be specific tell me the exact name of the venue, dates of the show, name(s) of the artists involved and the title of the show/exhibition. Describe how many works are in the show. Mainly paintings or are they all sculptures? How many pieces of artwork are in the show? What kind of space is the art shown in (traditional gallery or urban coffee shop) Again, be specific. Paragraph Two: Focus on one artwork. Choose one piece of art that you are interested in. Tell me the Artist name, title of work, material(s) used. Using the vocabulary you learned from lectures & the textbook, describe the formal elements of this one specific artwork. Describe in detail how it actually LOOKS. What process and material was used to make this work? I am looking for your ability to use the visual vocabulary that you have learned in class. Be specific. Paragraph Three: Your Opinion. Now, tell me why you chose this work of art to focus on. What drew you to this specific work? Why do you think the artist made this piece of art? What (in your opinion) is the meaning {content/message} behind this work of art? What level of skill do you think it took to create this work? Be as specific as you can. Be honest and tell me what you really think about the artwork. Could something be improved?

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