article summary

article summary

Journal/Magazine/Newspaper/ Summaries: Find articles from academic or practitioner journals, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, BusinessWeek, Fast Company or the like which discuss issues related to the weekly course topics in management information systems.

Write a two page executive report on the article (double spaced) – first summarizing the article and then, secondly, discussing it

they will be three part on the paper:
1- introduction :(summarizing the article ) (half page) Please include the article name , author name and from where you get it

2- Discussing(if you are agree with the writer on not and why) (One page)
please include the point and examples on it try to use words like (Form my point of view  )
3- conclude (highlight the main points on the paper ) (half page)
you can put more in discussion and less the conclude

before you start writing i need to see the article

the article area is  to be on Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems

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