Assessment of consumer behaviour issues

Assessment of consumer behaviour issues

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The aim of this assessment is to encourage you to examine specific behaviours that international consumers engage in relation to a particular product, service or other

consumer offering (e.g. cosmetics and toiletries, hotels, mobile phones, world Disney, movie theatre, detergent, financial/health services).
You may also find it easier to focus on a particular brand.
Choose a brand and consumers of country X
First, choose a company or brand or consumer offering to focus your efforts. Then, select a country (except the UK) in which your chosen brand is currently marketed.
For example,Boots facial and body moisturizer (No. 7 Intense Beauty Serum) being marketed to consumers in Jordan. You should choose a brand and consumers with which

you are reasonably familiar or you are interested in. More importantly, make sure that you have access to relevant information about the brand and consumers of your

chosen country.

Assessment of consumer behaviour issues:
Identify and evaluate specific consumer behavior issues
that are unique to the country’s consumers and the brand (consumer behavior in a specific country! use different models)
For example, you may assess:
-the decision making processes (pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase processes) for buying the brand;
-the most relevant internal and external influences on the decision making process (e.g. motivation, personality, life style, perception, social/group/family

influences, specific culture-driven values, ethical issues, situational factors such as income, etc.)
-use different models
Once you have carried out an appropriate assessment of the potential consumption behaviours related to the brand, you should be able to focus your investigation on the

key issues.

More marks will be given for a focused topic with consumer analysis based on recently published journal articles as well as keynote, Mintel, and Euromonitor and the

textbooks (-De Mooij, M (2011) Consumer Behaviour and Culture: Consequences for Global Marketing and Advertising, London: Sage Publication Ltd.
– Schiffman, L. G., Kanuk, L.L., & Wisenblit, J. (2010). Consumer Behaviour: Global Edition, 10th Edition: Pearson, FT/ Prentice Hall.)

Marketing implications of consumer analysis:
Explain the marketing implications of your consumer analysis to market segmentation, product positioning, pricing, promotion and channel decisions.
You should discuss how the brand/ the company should change its marketing strategies to improve its overall image that would ultimately lead to enhanced consumer

experience, satisfaction, loyalty and delight.


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