Assessment task 3— Portfolio

Assessment task 3— Portfolio

In every good safety researcher’s tool box is the ability to review the current research and literature on a chosen subject of interest.
In this assessment you will be introduced to the concept of how to carry out and write up a Literature Review which is a key skill in any safety portfolio.
A literature review is a critical look into current theories and research findings to enable the reader to make informed decisions and gain knowledge about current issues or gaps in current research.
This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes (1 to 6) as stated in this course profile.
You are required to prepare a literature review on High Reliability Organisations (HRO’s) for further investigation:

•    High Reliability Organisations (HRO’s)

You are required to search and find the latest information and research on your chosen subject (at least 10 journal articles as a minimum).
Then write a literature review which examines and evaluates the writings/research that you have found by discussing the findings and any gaps in the literature.
You are also required to discuss how the subject you are reviewing can translate into evidence based practice for the safety professional.

The following guide is to be used for grading your submission:-
•    Comprehension and discussion of the theory by examination of current writing and research on the subject. It would be expected that you will reference at least 10 Journal Articles on the subject, the more recent the better (30%)
•    Evaluation of the writings on current research/opinions on the subject matter by a critical examination of the reviews findings (30%)
•    Transfers knowledge of the literature review findings and results into identifying any gaps or areas of concern which the safety practitioner may have upon reviewing the literature i.e. does research translate to practice as evidence based practice? (30%)
•    Uses correct Harvard style referencing to support academic writing (10%)

The literature review should include a minimum of 10 references and should be 2500 words. INCLUDE THE REFERENCES THAT I SEND THROUGH AS ATTACHMENTS ASWELL AS YOUR OWN RESEARCH

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