Assessment Two – essay

Assessment Two – essay
Word count: 3,000
The essay question is:
What are the key forms of collective employment
regulation in NZ? Evaluate their impacts.

Discuss, making it clear on what evidence you base your overview of key
forms of regulation, and on what grounds and evidence you are evaluating
their impacts.
You will be marked on your ability to write a critical and informed discussion.
Please see the notes on Source Materials and Developing Your Study Skills
in this guide, and:

Remember to answer ALL parts of the essay question;
Recommended number of sources: 8 or more quality sources;
10% +/- of the word limit is acceptable. Essays that are too long or
short may be penalised; words that exceed the maximum 3,300 word
count will not be marked.

The essay will assess LO 3:
Critically evaluate the most effective way(s) of managing ER given particular
workplace, policy or issue considerations.
Please insert a word count on the title page of your essay. Markers will look
for professionally presented work displaying a thorough understanding of the
topic, a strong argument supported by sound evidence (appropriately
referenced), and an ability to evaluate material.

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