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Assignment 2 QUESTIONS

Q1. (12 marks) Examine the images A and B acquired at 7T below. For each image, discuss the origin of the contrast observed in the CSF, white matter (WM) and grey matter (GM). As part of your answer:

a. state the type of weighting used
b. predict a likely sequence that could produce this weighting
c. suggest possible TE, TR, and TI (if appropriate) values that might produce these images (given average T1 at 7T of CSF is approx. 4sec, WM 1.4sec and GM 2sec, T2s are approx. 500ms, 40ms and 50ms, respectively). Explain your reasoning.
d. For image B what changes would you expect to see if exactly the same sequence was performed with the same parameters but at 1.5T?
Q2. (8 marks) Examine the image below. Discuss the origin of the bright (yellow arrows) and dark (red arrows) signal around the kidneys. In this image, which is the read direction? How would you change the imaging parameters to reduce the effect shown?

Please limit your assignment to no more than 4 pages in total – answer as concisely as possible using scientific language as if writing a paper or report.

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