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assignment–applying the concepts to the activities…

Project description
This assignment will take you several hours to complete and so you will want to get started on it right away. This activity has you looking at nostalgia by interviewing someone and then doing more interviews with 2 other shoppers around their shopping experience. Finally, you will be finding some advertising examples to support your material. Remember to apply the concepts within your writing and to cite in APA. This is an application assignment–applying the concepts to the activities…

The concepts you chose to apply are up to you. You need to look at the chapters to date (chapters 1,2 & 3) and apply to the interviews and advertisements you find as per the assignment instructions. For instance, perhaps you notice that one of the interviews has a perception about the quality of their purchase based on the packaging (sensory) and so you can apply the sensory and perception concept from Chapter 2 to your answer. Does that help?
The name of the book is CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR for SOLOMON Sixth Canadian

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