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Assignment, Health sciences and medicine

Project description
Please answer the questions fully, providing as much detail as possible. Although I have not provided a minimum word count none of these question are 2 or 3 sentence answers, so please do your research and answer the questions accurately.
• Describe situations in which state laws may permit a minor to consent to treatment without an adult’s consent. Explain the rationale for such laws.
• Explain the principle of Good Samaritan laws. Discuss one way that you believe such laws are beneficial to society and one way that you believe they are detrimental to society.
• Name and describe three of the six ways that electronic records differ from paper records.
• Describe the three elements that, together, make information “PHI.”
• Define fraud and abuse and provide examples of each.
• A corporation’s governing board members have a fiduciary duty to the corporation. Describe the elements (duties) that are part of fiduciary duty. Give an example where each might be violated.

All these information could be found in the book Legal Aspects of Health Care

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