Atricle Critique

Atricle Critique

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Article Critiques – 20% (find an article that you believe connects to any nursing theoretical science).

Guidelines for total page limits are strict (6 pages).
• The article must be situated in the positivist/post positivist paradigm
• For the article, briefly provide or summarize the following:
• Full APA reference citation for the article
• Paradigm the study was situated within (20 points)
• Brief description of research methods used (10 points)
• Detailed summary and discussion of the findings of the study and implications for nursing science (25 points)
• Answer from your own experience, practice, and understanding the following questions for the article:
• How do the research findings influence your understanding of the question or problem studied (10 points)
• How do the research findings influence your practice of the discipline of nursing (10 points)
• What else do you think nursing science needs to know about this problem or question in order to better help “grow” discipline (20 points)

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