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Topic: “Austerity policy in the UK: Discuss the impact of fiscal policy on short-run and long-run economic growth in the UK”.

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The implementation of austerity policies in the UK has been highly controversial. In your essay you are expected to put forward an argument (arguing for or against
austerity), which you must back this up by economic theory (refer to chapters 24: Long-run economic growth and 25: Saving, investment and the financial system).

You can use the following two articles as a starting point:

Chang, H.J. (2012) ‘Austerity has never worked’, in: The Guardian, 4 June 2012, available at: Austerity has never worked. Accessed 27th January 2016.

Colvile, R. (2013) ‘Austerity isn’t discredited. The truth is we need it more than ever’, in: The Telegraph, 23 April 2013, available at: Austerity isn’t discredited.
Accessed 27th January 2016.

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