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Behavioural Based Safety

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Part 1

You are the Behavioural Based Safety facilitator for your company. You are required to ascertain the safety culture level of your organization to determine its readiness to implement a Behavioural Based Safety process.

Develop a Safety Culture survey using a questionnaire that covers the following identified attributes:
1. Commitment
2. Behaviour
3. Awareness

Each attribute should have at least FIVE (5) questions.

Collect at least FIVE (5) samples of data and comment on the results attained.

Part 2

The behavioural based checklist is a tool for measuring workplace safety. It highlights risky behaviours identified at the workplace and can be used as a training guide for employees.
Create a behavioural based checklist for your workplace that covers the following identified attributes:

1. Environment
2. Body dynamic
3. Body use/ Ergonomic
4. Tools & equipment
5. Personal protective equipment
6. Communicating changes

Illustrate at least THREE (3) elements for each attribute. They should be classified as being “safe behaviour”, “at-risk behaviour” or “unseen”.

Part 3                                                                                                                                                              Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are extensively employed to assist with working safely. They are sometimes called Safe Work Methods Statements (SWMS). They are usually preceded by various methods of analyzing tasks or jobs to be performed in a workplace. These methods include an approach called Job Safety Analysis, in which hazards are identified and their control methods described.

Develop an SOP to implement Behavioural Based Safety processes at YOUR CURRENT workplace. Explain how these processes can be maintained. Take into considerations the characteristics of users who will be reading the SOP. Write in a language and format that they will easily understand.

Part 4

A swimlane is a visual element used in process flow diagrams, or flowcharts that visually distinguishes responsibilities for sub-processes of a business process.

Design a swimlane for Behavioural Based Safety process/model for your current company. Your swimlanes are named Top Management Sponsor, Steering Committee, Working Committee, Facilitator, Observers and Workers.

You may categorize your flowchart into the following roles:
1. Observed workers
2. Observers
3. BBS Facilitator
4. Management representative
5. Steering Committee
6. Top management

Part 5

Evaluate the workers at your current workplace by conducting a generic Behavioural Based Safety Observation. Identify at least FIVE (5) behaviours at your workplace. You may make your observations based on the elements written in Part 2.
Give at least 3 to 5  examples of behaviours under safe and at risk scenarios. Present all your findings in a table format and discuss them.

Part 6
Apply the ABC analysis for your current workplace. You may use ONE (1) at-risk behaviour that was identified in Part 5. You are to list the existing antecedents or triggers that encourage or discourage the at-risk behaviour. List down some possible consequences that encourage or discourage the at-risk behaviour. State new antecedents that trigger safe behaviours and new consequences to support that behaviour.

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