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You are the administrator of a 501c3 non-profit organization that is developing and opening an in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation/recovery counseling facility called “Bristol Residential Addiction Therapy” (BRAT). The BRAT facility you will be operating will be located on property adjacent to an established non-profit organization that offers child care to low income families called “Social Nurturers of Bristol’s Youth” (SNOBY). Understandably, SNOBY is adamantly opposed to an alcohol and drug rehab/recovery facility being opened next to their day care property and has unsuccessfully fought to prevent the BRAT facility from being built and opened.(As the administrator of the BRAT facility, it is your responsibility to set up the procedures and protocols to run the rehabilitation/recovery center. Drawing upon all of the knowledge and information you have acquired during this class and from the text, discuss the possible issues you will need to consider when implementing your business plan, procedures and protocols. The issues may include, but should not be limited to: Tort Law Criminal aspects of health care Contracts Corporate structure and liability Information management What ethical duty, if any, would you owe to SNOBY Patient’s rights and responsibilities Patient’s consent Labor relations Employment at will Employee rights Safety)

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