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Business Ethics: Unit 3

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Read Unit 3 of the book [Business Ethics 8th Edition] by Marianne M. Jennings. Then, answer the following questions.


1-What role should management have within a business regarding social responsibility? Explain.
2-What are the different social responsibilities of a business? Can a business abide by all social responsibilities at the same time? Explain.
3-Define Sustainability.
4-Does a business have an obligation (Legal? Moral? Ethical?) toward the environment and sustainability? Explain.
5-Which of these (2) phrases resonate with you more: “People-Planet-Profits” or “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle” Does personal experience play any role in this? Explain.
6-Would you describe yourself as a “Friedman” or a “Freeman” or neither? Explain.
7-Per Reading 3.3 – Business with a Soul, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3 on Page 120.
8-Per Reading 3.6 – The Divine Right of Capital, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2 on Page 124.
9-Per Case 3.8 – Skittles, Trayvon Martin, please answer Discussion Question 1,2 on Page 126.
10-Per Case 3.23 – Herman Miller, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3,4,5 on Page 178
11-Per Case 3.24 – Solyndra, please answer Discussion Question 2 on Page 180

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